• What does Guarented do?
  • Guarented is an online platform where you can purchase second hand, refurbished, gently used furniture and appliances. Our prices are most cost-effective compared to other market players. Guarented maintains a minimum quality standard in its extensive range of unboxed and preloved goods with free delivery and post-sales maintenance. We are currently available in Bangalore only.

    What are the delivery charges?

    Currently there are no delivery charges.

    What is unboxed?

    Unboxed refers to products that were returned to the seller due to reasons that range from wrong model to incorrect color. It would have been opened by a customer who received a wrong product which was found out only after unboxing.

    What is a used good?

    Used refers to products that have been previously unboxed and put to use. They have undergone some amount of wear and tear during use.

    What is the buyback period?

    Guarented assures users of a buyback price for the products purchased. The buyback period can vary from 6 months to a year and would be mentioned with the product's description.