Accent Your Bangalore Home with 2024's Trending Colors

Accent Your Bangalore Home with 2024's Trending Colors


Hey there! Imagine turning your home into a colourful wonderland! We're about to explore the coolest trend - the fantastic colours that will make your Bangalore home pop in 2024. From warm Peach Fuzz to calming Thermal blue, find the perfect shades that match your vibe. Ready to make your space uniquely you? Let's go!

Peach Fuzz - Warm and Cozy:

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Pantone says hello to Peach Fuzz - a warm, pinkish-orange hug for your home. Paint your space and feel the cozy vibes instantly.

Blue Nova - Interstellar Charm:

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Benjamin Moore introduces Blue Nova, an intergalactic blue purple that brings a touch of the cosmos to your living room. Dive into a mood-boosting space journey!

Upward - Tranquil Periwinkle:

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Sherwin-Williams picks Upward, a periwinkle wonder. Clean, breezy, and tranquil, it's the right colour to uplift your mood. Say hello to calm vibes!

Viridis - Nature-Inspired Sage:

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Graham & Brown chooses Viridis, a sage tone that blurs the lines between inside and outside. Create a peaceful, nature-inspired haven in your home.

Limitless - Y2K Comeback:

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Glidden brings Limitless, a pale yellow signaling a Y2K comeback. Modern and adaptable, it's the new neutral, cancelling out the cool tones of the past.

Thermal - Sky-Inspired Blue:

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C2 Paint introduces Thermal, a crisp, light blue reminiscent of the vast sky. Restore and redefine your mood with this calming, contradictory hue.

Renew Blue - Oceanic Serenity:

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Valspar presents Renew Blue, a calming, oceanic hue inspired by nature. Mix and match to fit your style and find balance in your living space.

Persimmon - Terra-Cotta Warmth:

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HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams brings Persimmon, a pale sandy peach promoting positive vibes. Rejuvenate your living spaces with this warm, friendly shade.


Embrace the vibrant hues of 2024 and transform your Bangalore home into a stylish haven. Whether you lean towards the warmth of Peach Fuzz, the cosmic charm of Blue Nova, or the tranquillity of Upward, these colours bring life to your living spaces. But where can you find furniture that complements these trendy tones? Look no further than Guarented Home Solutions. Elevate your home decor with their extensive collection, ensuring your furniture matches the vibe of your newly painted walls. Dive into a world of colour and comfort with Guarented - your one-stop destination for a stylish and vibrant home!

Visit Guaranteed Home Solutions for a curated selection of furniture and decor that perfectly complements the latest colour trends. Explore various options to match your style and harmonise your living spaces. Transform your home effortlessly with Guarented - where comfort meets style!


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