Creating a Bohemian-inspired Home With Guarented Home Solutions

Creating a Bohemian-inspired Home With Guarented Home Solutions

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Boho’? The term Bohemian is often used to describe an unconventional and artistically inclined sense of style. Today, Boho decor is characterized by eclectic and organic elements, that have a free-spirited vibe going on for them. Such themes tend to lean towards soothing colors, greenery, and other handmade goods as decor pieces. 

So if you’ve set out to put together a Boho look for your home, Zefurn is here to help. Here are some products from our catalog that are perfect for Bohemian decor.

Spruce Up The Living Room

Living rooms and reading corners are incomplete without a bespoke, comfy chair. And what can be more perfect than the Avisi beige single seater, leatherette single seater sofa that is a show stopper on its own? This chair would pair perfectly with any shade of cushion, wall paint, and pretty much every decor item you can think of. Get this sofa and transform any space instantly!

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If you wish to add more seating, here’s presenting the Lucia 2-Seater sofa, yet another gem from Zefurn. This beautiful piece comes with 2 cushions that complement the unique style of the sofa. 

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Store, Display, & Organize!

Corner shelves are no longer boring pieces that come in generic shades. Storage products have been revolutionized by modern furniture designers, giving us shelves that look stylish even when nothing is placed on them. 

Boho themes call for open, light-colored, standalone furniture pieces that have smooth outlines and are soothing to the eye. Fitting that description perfectly is the Helix corner bookshelf from Zefurn. Sporting a beautiful shade and an open shelf format, this bookshelf is the perfect addition to your living room or reading corners. 

shelf cabinet

If you want something more elaborate to store and display more items, Zefurn brings to you the Khazana Decorative Shelf Cabinet - A true showstopper among shelves! This piece too sports an open-shelf format and has unique outlines. This product is a great pick for bedrooms, home offices, reading corners, and even kid’s rooms! Get this one for an elevated and contemporary look!

Book shelf

Boho Bedrooms - The New Trend

No write-up on decor is complete unless you touch upon bedrooms. Bedrooms are spaces that we retire to at the end of a long day. We seek comfort, rejuvenation, and peace in our bedrooms and Boho bedrooms tend to be more soothing than most themes. Zefurn’s Blake Double bed is a perfect pick for a bedroom that's aesthetically pleasing and functional! 

double bed

Bedrooms are incomplete without matching bedside tables. After all, where else will you keep your phones, books, and other paraphernalia while you snooze? No bedside table has ever spelled Boho the way our Kiwi bedside table has! With 2 drawers that pack ample storage space and more space atop it, this is the perfect addition to your Boho bedroom!

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