Tips for Mixing and Matching Furniture Styles to Create a Unique Look

Tips for Mixing and Matching Furniture Styles to Create a Unique Look

Everyone wants a home that is well-designed and uniquely yours. However, hiring an interior designer may only sometimes be within your budget. When that happens, a little help from the Internet goes a long way. All you need is an understanding of how colors work and some time to find the right products. If you’re on a home decorating journey, this article is something you need to bookmark. Zefurn brings to you the ultimate guide to mixing and matching furniture for a bespoke home!

Solid Colors For The Win

Be it your walls, or furniture, the safest way to proceed would be to use solid colors. They turn the wall or furniture product into a blank canvas you decorate or build upon later. Especially when it comes to oversized furniture products like sofas, a solid color is a good way to stand out and make a statement. The brighter the color, the better the appeal! Take a look at some stunning sofas from Zefurn!

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Multipurpose Furniture Is The Way To Go

With homes getting more and more compact, the design sometimes takes a backseat when compared to functionality. However, multipurpose furniture does not always have to be unappealing to look at. If you choose Zefurn, we assure you that you’ll have furniture products that are just as much eye candy as it is functional. Take a look at some of our bestsellers Glass Top Center Table


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space saving furniture

Space-saving furniture is a great addition to any home. The larger pieces such as beds often take up a ton of floor space leaving little to no room around it for movement. This is why bunker beds or pull-out beds are a great way to increase the utility of a single furniture piece.

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While bunk beds are a common product, Zefurn expands upon it and creates other furniture products too which can increase utility! Take a look at this creative shoe rack which also doubles as a seat!

 shoe rack

Head To Zefurn For More

From bespoke sofas to multifunctional furniture pieces and even customized furniture, Zefurn dons many hats when it comes to redefining the furniture industry. Come visit Zefurn and bring your furniture dreams to life!



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