Create An Insta-Worthy Living Room With ZeFurn

Create An Insta-Worthy Living Room With ZeFurn

Social media, Instagram in particular, has made us all a tad more conscious about the aesthetics of the spaces we live. And we are loving it! Who doesn’t want a home that’s straight out of a Pinterest post? But premium home furniture often burns a hole in your wallet. So how does one create an aesthetically pleasing living room without spending big bucks? The answer - Rent ‘em from Guarented!

Cozy & Inviting

When we think of living rooms, what kinda vibe do we want? A plush sofa, a warm throw draping around one arm, a nice shelf on the side stacked with books, a cute coffee table, and a rug to save your feet from the cold floors. Let’s begin with the biggest item. A sofa. Now, if you have a big living room, you could fit an entire sofa set, a coordinating one. However, eclectic themes are lit now and if you want to mix things up a bit, that would be cool too. Pick a 3-seater and use that as the anchoring piece. If your living room is compact, one solid 3-seater will be enough to tie things together. Unlike individual sofas, a 3-seater can also function as an emergency bed. So if you can get only one sofa, make sure it’s a lively 3-seater. Here are some options.

Make Room For Some Coffee

No living room is complete without a coffee table that gives you a place to hold refreshments while you chill or entertain guests. Coffee tables have now become a staple in all living room setups. And what’s great is that we have some new designs that nest coffee tables allowing you to extract maximum utility from them.

Here are some inspirations.

Books & Knick-Knacks!

Curled up on a sofa, book in hand, thrown over your feet - that is the poster-perfect image of chilling out by yourself. And that means, a nice corner for keeping your favourite books is kinda vital. This is your chance to get creative. Modular shelves allow you to get creative with the way you store your books and knick-knacks. Remember that scene in “The Conjuring 2” where “Valak” was spelled out with book ends? Yep, that’s right. Go crazy. Spell out your name. Display figurines. Keep your favorite books beside a personal item. What’s more? With Guarented you can get bookshelves that can be used as coffee tables or vice versa! Here are some inspirations. 

Add A Touch Of Green

I mean, we’re all secretly plant lovers, aren’t we? We need plants to supply us with oxygen and food so every green friend counts. Besides, plants are like low-maintenance pets. They’re alive, but they don’t make your house dirty. 

And Finally - Click Some Pictures & Tag Us!

Got a nice living room? We’d love to see it! Post a picture on your social media and tag @goguarented! Your creativity is sure to inspire us all!


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