Maximizing Small Spaces With Zefurn: Furniture and Décor Ideas for Tiny Homes

Maximizing Small Spaces With Zefurn: Furniture and Décor Ideas for Tiny Homes

With the human population steadily increasing, it's no surprise that homes are getting smaller. And this means that furniture designers get a chance to show off their creativity! In compact homes, maximum space utilization is achieved with multipurpose furniture. 


If you’re on the hunt for such unique products, Zefurn is here to help! We’re a unique brand that places the customer’s needs first which means personalized furniture, tailor-made to meet your unique requirements is now possible with Zefurn! Without much ado, let’s take a look at some uber-cool space-saving furniture products!

Space-Conscious Approach To Storage

With smaller homes, the prime concern when it comes to installing shelves is the floor space they would consume. This means that to achieve efficient use of space, vertical storage options are the best. Such options include taller shelves and wardrobes, or even wall-mounted storage options. Take a look at Zefurn’s single-door wardrobe here. Very modern aesthetics, minimal, but efficient utilization of space, and is fitted with enough compartments to store your belongings in an organized manner. Should you require customized shelves, just give us a call!


storage cupboards

Sleep Big On Small Beds 

Sleeping arrangements can get tricky if you don’t have a reasonably sized bed. Most of us toss and turn around a bit so moving space is kinda necessary. Here’s where things get creative. Zefurn’s Helix single bed sports a very minimalistic and chic look, but does not take up too much space! By trimming out the extras on the sides and headboards, we’ve achieved an efficient single bed that allows one person to sleep comfortably. What’s more? The Helix single bed also provides in-built storage!

 buy single bed

buy single bed

The Art Of Coffee Tables

Living rooms are cozy spaces that need to function as relaxing as well as entertainment spots. This often means that many elements would be present. Sofas, TVs, shelves, and more. Tying them all together is done beautifully with coffee tables is an excellent design idea. They can hold books, and serve refreshments and if you get yours from Zefurn, an additional pair of stools would be present too! 


The Durban coffee table from Zefurn has two smaller stools tucked away beneath them making them super space efficient and functional! 

 coffee table

buy coffee table

The Couch Conundrum

Most compact homes are for a single couch due to obvious reasons. This means that obvious choices like seven or five-seaters are not an option. Ideally, designers suggest that L-shaped sofas are perfect for smaller homes. Not only do they look grand, but they also double as emergency beds for unexpected guests. Take a look at Zefurn’s Tokyo 4-seater lounger. Sporting a beautiful deep green shade and modern aesthetics, this sofa is a godsend!

 buy 4 seater sofa


Zefurn - The one-stop solution to every furniture need!

Head to Zefurn to browse an endless collection of designer furniture. We’re confident that we’ve got something for everyone! And of course, we’re open to customization too!



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